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Who are We?

Cryptonite is a student project team of Manipal Institute of Technology. Our team works in the field of ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Our areas of focus are cryptography, forensics, research, reverse engineering, web exploitation and binary exploitation. We strive to have a deeper understanding of traditional methods and techniques in cybersecurity and their implications in today’s world.

Our Subsystems


It involves using mathematical concepts and a set of calculations in order to maintain integrity and security of the information being transmitted through various encryption algorithms. It ensures data protection and is widely used.


Mainly used in cybercrimes, it is the investigative process of collecting, recovering, analysing and reporting any valuable digital information in devices. It is used to identify network and memory vulnerabilities and develop ways to mitigate them.


We conduct research on topics such as Side-Channel Attacks, Intrusion Detection and Privacy Enabled Machine Learning. Apart from that we also deal with the different approaches which bring together other fields such as AI/ML & Quantum Computing.

Reverse Engineering

It is the task of deconstructing software to extract information from it. Reverse engineering helps to make a system robust hence ensuring that a system doesn’t have any significant security flaws and protects it from hackers and spyware.

Web Exploitation

It is a commonly used method to attack websites. It takes advantage of vulnerabilities that exist in order to gain control of the site, such as hosting server, which could result in loss or theft of information. SQL Injection is a common method of Web Exploitation.

Attack / Defense

A type of cybersecurity competition where competing teams attempt to find security vulnerabilities in services run by the opposing teams. Each team works finding vulnerabilities in other team’s services while protecting their own.

Artificial Intelligence

AI allows cybercriminals to automate many of the processes used in social-engineering attacks, as well as create more personalized, sophisticated and effective messaging to fool unsuspecting victims.

Design & Management

We coordinate the working of the different subsystems of the team. We handle the finance, sponsorship and publicity with regards to all events held by the team, along with handling the Social media handles and the design and graphics

CTFtime Stats

We are currently ranked amongst the top 0.02% of the teams globally and are part of the top 5 academic teams in the Country (rank #4) and ranked #4 in all teams in India. Our team won the first prize in the Smart India Hackathon 2023 which is a nationwide innovation hackathon. We secured the 9th position in CSAW'22 in India and qualified for World CSAW'22 Finals. Our team got selected in Quantum Hackathon organized by QETCI amongst the top 65 teams for national prototype round.

Member Achievements

Our former Board member has secured the 2nd rank in inCTF held by Amirta University in 2019. Our member was also part of the winning team of last year’s Quarantine CTF held during TechTatva. Our former Head of Reverse Engineering, Sohom Datta was rewarded 3133.70 USD/(~2 lakh INR) for identifying a bug in one of Google's front-end open source libraries as part of Google's Vulnerability Rewards Program which ia a global initiative by Google to reward external contributors and security researchers that help in keeping their users safe.

Board Members

Shreyansh Sankrit

Team Leader

Kumud Rathore

Team Manager

Daksh Dadhania

Web & Infra Head

Prabhakar Dev

Technical Head

Siddharth Mittal

Forensics Head

Dhruthi Kumar

Cryptography Head

Aditi Kulkarni

Research Head

Sriyans Ketavarapu

AI Head